An amazing service which enables you to call the world on your mobile. Try it now and start saving instantly. It works on
all T-Mobile, Three 3, EE, Orange and o2 phones, there is no connection fee or minimum call charges, all calls charged per second, no hidden charges, just one
easy to understand rate. Simply dial the special short code starting '29', then when connected enter your full international number starting 00. (ignore the
introductory message if you choose).

If you are calling from Three, EE, Orange, o2 or T-Mobile you need to use our Dialacode service offering you cheap calls from just 1p/min.
You can find full details of this service here

Dialacode works by dialling a 5 figure access code, you are then instantly connected to the service and you can enter your international number.
The call charge from 3p/minute will appear on your mobile phone bill. No hidden charges, you pay exactly the cost per minute shown on this page

If you are calling from a mobile on Vodafone, Virgin, Tesco, Asda etc, you cannot use Dialacode.
You may use our alternative service available online soon, email us for details. This service works by texting our access word, CALLS4U to 83006. You are
then credited £3 of calling credit. Then call the London access number 0207 124 6666 (if on contract you can call this number with your inclusive minutes).
From the access number you can enter your international number  and be connected in seconds. When your £3 credit runs out, you text again and receive
another top up.
Very easy and works on all mobiles.