Cheap international calls with your
landline from just 1p/min. It's instant,
no pins or credit cards needed!

calls4u's fantastic instant dial service allows you to make huge savings on international calls from UK landline phones to international landlines and mobiles. You don't need to open an account or sign up or give any credit card details, just search for your access number below and make cheap calls right now!
Anyone can save money on phone calls, call friends or family abroad, call business colleagues abroad from the office. Start making cheaper calls and talk for longer.

1. Find your access number by simply clicking on the drop down menu below
2. Select the country you wish to call.
3. The access number and rate to call that country will be instantly displayed.
4. Dial the access number & enter your international number anytime during the intro.
5. That's it, you're connected!

Very easy to save money If you made a 10 minute call to South Africa using this service from a BT phone, then next time you got your BT bill you would see a call to our access number, a duration of 10 minutes and a charge of only 20p* and absolutely no charges by us. Simple!

A direct international call to South Africa with BT would have cost £6.67* at their standard rate! £6.47 more! Just by dialling 0844790 7754 before the international number saves you £6.47! An HUGE saving.

*Rates correct 01/09/2013 - BT rate taken from their October 2013 price list [see here] BT also applies a 15 pence (inc VAT) call set-up fee to International Calls. This service can be used from other providers, but they may apply a premium. Contact us for details.

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Rates quoted are when calling from a BT landline. You should check the live access numbers for the latest rates.