Cheap international calls from all
Orange, T-Mobile, EE, Three & o2 mobiles

Dial-a-Code is an amazing service which enables you to call the world on your mobile from just 1p/min. Try it now and start saving instantly!

• Works on all Orange, EE, T-Mobile, o2 and Three 3 mobiles

• No need to sign up or activate, it works instantly
• No connection fee or minimum call charges

• No hidden charges, just one easy to understand rate

Simply dial the special short code starting ‘29’, then when connected enter your full international number starting 00. (ignore the introductory message if you choose)

The rates advertised are inclusive of VAT. T-Mobile, O2 PAYG and Orange bill per minute; Three bills per second; O2 Pay Monthly bills per second with a first minute round up

Please note: All the O2 ‘business customers only’ are charged 25p/minute for the usage of DialaCode access codes by O2


1. Find your access number by simply clicking on the drop down menu below
2. Select the country you wish to call.
3. The access number and rate to call that country will be instantly displayed.
4. Dial the access number, wait for the prompt, then enter your international number.
5. That's it, you're connected!

Remember not to press the green call button on your mobile again after entering the international number, otherwise the phone will redial the international number directly.

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