Costs of making international calls

Costs of making international calls

Whether you have emigrated to the UK, live here permanently or are just visiting, many of us have had times when we make international calls. We just pick up the phone or dial directly on your mobile, we sometimes wonder if its expensive but the call is more important. We get chatting, enjoy the conversation with your friends or family and minutes add up to become an hour.

After all, it’s only 20p/min, you weren’t on that long, and you’ve only made a couple of calls a week. At the end of the month your phone bill arrives and you are shocked by the balance. “How can it be that much?!” “How am I going to pay that??”

Because of this you start cutting down on the calls, spend less time chatting, because of the cost. Those abroad may be missing you, they may want to hear your voice especially husbands or wives working away, or maybe your mother wants to hear her grandchilds first words. The cost of the call shouldn’t affect your enjoyment and freedom of chatting to those close to you.

It also should have to cost business people £100s or £1000s a year to deal with colleagues or customers in Europe or worldwide. Today’s economic situation needs all of us to watch what we spend and not waste what we have. Paying high costs for phone calls is un-necessary, but what do we do? How do we save? There are 100’s of websites online….what is the difference?

Moving your landline – Time consuming

There are many great deals where if you transfer your landline to another company you can obtain great deals. Most of all, some companies offer you an ‘add on’ service where some countries abroad are free or low cost. Moving your landline is time consuming and requires that you open an account with another company, change direct debits, etc. However, it can be very good if you find the right deal, but ensure the deal isn’t just short term or you may pay more in the long term.

Use a landline access number – What is this?

An easier way is to redirect your landline calls so when you want to make an international call, you dial an access number first. This puts you through to another provider, you then enter your international number and the other provider connects you. This way you are only paying for the UK part of the call to the other provider and the call is MUCH cheaper, meaning you can talk for longer! A service like this is available here >

But I want to use my mobile? – Easy and convenient

In the UK most of us now get free minutes on our mobile phone contracts. There were a few services around which offered free international calls from your mobile phone. However, some of these services were blocked by the mobile networks to protect their own revenues and encourage you to call directly through Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Three 3 UK, or o2.

The cost of calls through mobiles can be considerably higher than even dialling through a landline directly. It’s hard to find ways of saving money easily. Some cheap call services require you to buy credit, enter pins, buy phone cards, register your mobile, etc.

The easiest way is to use a service like dialacode, there are no accounts to open, you just search for the access code to the country you want to call, enter that in your phone followed by your international number and you are connected.

To find out more information about cheap calls from T-Mobile, Three or Orange go here > which is a service for Orange pay as you go, T-Mobile PAYG or contract and Three 3 PAYG or contract. Dialacode is approved by the networks so it won’t be blocked.

In the past the networks have blocked access numbers to protect their revenue. There are many others on the internet to save money on your phone calls which you can find by typing ‘cheap calls abroad from mobiles’, into Google. Look for the instant dial services, those that use access codes as you don’t need to change provider or open accounts, you just enter the code and start chatting.

Taking the steps above you can drastically cut the cost of your calls, so you can spend quality time chatting to those who miss you, or those important business customers, without the threat of getting high phone bills at the end of the month.

Why should we pay a premium to chat? Talk more, pay less and avoid the debt of huge phone bills. Infact, call someone now!

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