Eagerly awaiting the iphone 4

At Calls4u we are eagerly awaiting the launch of iphone 4. Today has seen hundreds or even 1000s of websites watching Orange, T-Mobile, Three, and Vodafone for tariff information to appear on their websites.

o2 are the only network so far to release the information, along with an upgrade offer for existing iphone customers. Yesterday there was a leak of Vodafone prices when a page temporarily appeared on their website but it was later removed. Today a leak has appeared on the internet which allegedly came from an Orange employee, showing a blurred image of a computer screen with iphone 4 prices on.

As we type this, twitter keeps overloading with "too many tweets"…. all about iphone 4?

We can confirm that our dialacode service which offers cheap international calls from mobiles works from any mobile phone even the iphone 4 as long as you are on Orange PAYG, Three contract or PAYG (3G areas), and T-Mobile  contract and PAYG.

This service offers calls abroad from your mobile from just 3p/min, amazing value, especially when you consider that you could call your friends or family in Austrailia, New Zealand, USA, Russia, India, Albania, wherever they are, for just pennies! Because it works from your mobile you can sit and talk to your brother in Australia in the car on the way home (on hands free of course!).

We are just wondering how well the iphone 4 will connect to our Nokia car kits when we scrap the Nokias and upgrade to the new Apple flagship phone. Which will we enjoy most, talking to friends abroad using Dialacode or listening to music streamed wirelessly from the iphone 4?

Or should I call my mother-in-law in Lancaster?

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