iPhone 4 signal and reception problems

Thursday saw the launch of the brand new iphone, we were going to upgrade our Nokia's. However, all over the internet we began to see iphone 4 users complaining of reception and signal issues. Apparently when users held the phone in the 'wrong' way, hence covering the bottom left where the 2 antennas meet, they lost the network signal or dropped the calls. The same goes for holding the phone in your left hand against your palm while using the phone or sending a text.

There's several youtube videos of users demonstrating the problem, there's 100's of forums and blogs talking about it and even on the official Apple support forum there are many discussions about it. We read on one website earlier that there had been mention that a software update on Monday could fix the problem, however this discussion was apparently removed by Apple.

Many think that the problem is hardware related, meaning that it is the design of the phone and the way the antennas work which is causing the problem and that the users hand over them is shorting the connection. Some question how this could be fixed with a software update.

We eagerly await the new of how Apple will deal with this, in the meantime we can't upgrade anyway as Orange is out of stock! We were emailed earlier to say they were back in stock but by the time we logged onto their website tonight the 32GB black iphone 4 was out of stock again.

No doubt the iphone 4 is a beautiful piece of kit and we hope the signal problems can be sorted by a simple software update because why should someone who paid up to £600 for their iphone be told to hold it a different way?

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