Our iphones are going back



Without a case and before software upgrade the signal is full but drops the whole 5 bars when holding it.
Our MD bought a clear case until apple send out the free ones in 5 weeks, still drops 3-4 bars. After the software upgrade it did nothing, so he totally restored the phone. He also noticed the sim card in the metal tray touches the metal which of course also touches the antenna. He put some black electrical tape on that.


Drops 3-4 bars without a case, 2-3 bars WITH a case! All apple seem to have done is calculate to signal differently to make the drop look less.


It’s very very odd as over at another house he is renovating the iphone 4 gets 3 bars where the old nokia gets 5, however it picks up the network in places the old nokia phone couldn’t….which is probably due to the better antenna on the iphone.

If you hold the phone without a case it still totally loses the network so cancels out any better coverage.
Otherwise perfect, very loud and clear and far surpasses the Nokia in every other respect.
It’s going back until they modify them!! We’re not doing what millions of others are doing, ‘living with it’.

Rumours are on the internet…in america they’ve started to modify production.

So the iphone 4 does need a 3 metre mast stuck to the top.
Those who say there is no problem live in such high coverage its probably way above 5 bars and the 3 bar drop doesn’t show.

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For any future people reading this post, it’s not just signal bars affected

data slows to nothing as the signal bars drop so if using the phone on the internet or sending emails, they fail to send.

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