Foreign students studying in the UK

The Uk has 1000’s of foreign students from all over the world, Japan, China, Africa, USA, France… many countries. These students study at various universities such as Sheffield University, Loughborough University, Leeds University, Leicester University… If you are a foreign student, do you call home to your family and friends? How often do you call and how much does it cost you? Lets look at the different ways of calling. >

Phone Cards are ok but not the easiest

You could buy a phone card either from a local retailer or online. To do this you need to find a website or retailer, go through all the cards, check which is the cheapest by comparing how many minutes you get, what the connection charges are, how long the cards are valid for… the list goes on. You then need to purchase your card, and pay for it.

It doesn’t stop there, as using your card is not quick and easy. Often you’ll need to dial an access number, enter a very long ‘code or pin number’ (which you need to keep written down) and then enter your international number.

Landlines are inconvenient and only available in 1 location

There are some landline providers out there who offer discount on international calls. However, many of you who are students don’t have fixed lines. Also fixed landlines are inconvenient as you can only make calls from one location and on top of the ‘international call tariff’ you need to pay around £12 a month line rental.

Dialacode is easy, instant and can be used anytime, any place

Dialacode is a fantastic service which can be used anywhere from your mobile phone (find more details on our website here) With dialacode, you just search for the country you want to call, and we are the cheapest to at least 300 destinations. Then just enter the easy to remember, 5 digit access code, followed by your international number.

That’s it. There’s no more to it, easy, quick and you can get talking to your friends and family back home as much as you like without worrying how much you are spending. It’s from just 3p/minute… that’s just 30p for a 10 minute catch up call! Even if you called home every evening for 10 minutes you would only spend just over £2 a week! Awesome.

Forget the phonecards, forget the landlines, just use Dialacode from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere, give it a try today and see how easy it is. It works on T-Mobile, Three and Orange, see here for more details on this fantastic service >>

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