Using Dialacode abroad

We get many enquiries from users asking if they can use Dialacode abroad when they go on holiday. This is not possible as Dialacode only works when connected to Three UK (PAYG or Contract), T-Mobile UK (PAYG or contract) or Orange UK (PAYG).

When you go abroad, even with a Three, Orange or T-Mobile Phone you are roaming on another network, in another country. Even if that country has T-Mobile or another network similar to the UK, it is still classed as roaming as it isn’t your ‘own’ network where your phone is registered.

Therefore, Dialacode will not work and will not allow you to call the UK using the service. The best way is to find put how much your network charges for incoming calls (receiving calls on roaming) while you are in the other country abroad.

Then get the person in the UK to call you using their inclusive minutes on their UK mobile. Some networks have scrapped incoming call charges when you are on roaming, so you may then be able to receive calls from your friends in the Uk free, and your friends only pay from 3p/min to call you using Dialacode.

If your network charges high incoming call costs, the other thing you could do is buy a PAYG (pay as you go) SIM card in the country where you are going, place this in your mobile phone and then ask your friends/family in the Uk to call you on that new number using our Dialacode service (as your friends/family would be calling an international mobile phone sim). You will then pay no incoming call costs and your friends/family will only pay from 3p/min to call you.

If you would like any further advice on this please do not hesitate to email us by clicking contact us above.

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