Update: Free international calls from Orange contract mobiles

We have received tremendous feedback from you all telling us how much you are looking forward to the free international calls service! Let’s update you on where we are with it.

A while back we used to offer a free international calls service using 07744 access numbers, which worked on many mobile networks. This service was HUGELY popular, we had 1000’s of minutes a month of calls being made. However, the service was eventually blocked by the networks, or became “charged for” at high rates so it was discontinued.

Our 3p/min Dialacode service works from Orange pay as you go, Three PAYG and contract and T-Mobile PAYG an contract but NOT Orange contract, o2 or Vodafone.
Orange, Three and T-Mobile have approved this service so it will not be blocked, cut off or charged at a high rate. This guarantees that you will only pay 3p/min or the rate shown in our access code finder here

The free calls service
This new service will be provided by a different telecoms company from Dialacode. This company are currently negotiating and setting up the service which unfortunately is taking longer than expected so they have not yet been able to give us access to the service. We emailed them this morning and they said “unfortunately the service is still not ready but we are getting closer”. So be assured, it is happening, however the right steps have to be taken to get approval and assure that your calls will stay free.

We will announce the launch on this blog as soon as we get access to it, even before we build the new website page. In the meantime many countries can be called using our Dialacode service from just 3p/min, thats just £1.80 to chat for an hour! See here Dialacode >

We’ll post again as soon as the free service is available! 🙂 In the meantime, please spread the word about this exciting new service, click a share button below, tell your friends, tweet about us, post it on your Facebook page and lets make this happen! The more demand we can get, the more we can push our providers to launch ASAP!!

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The countries you will be able to call free from a contract Orange phone are:
(Fixed = landline) Australia Fixed, Austria Fixed, Bahrain Fixed, Bahrain Mobile, Bangladesh Fixed, Bangladesh Mobile, Belgium Fixed, Brazil Fixed, Bulgaria Fixed, Canada Fixed, China Fixed, China Mobile, Cyprus South Fixed, Cyprus South Mobile, Denmark Fixed, Finland Fixed, France Fixed, France Mobile, Germany Fixed, Greece Fixed, Hongkong Fixed, Hongkong Mobile, India Fixed, India Mobile, India BSNL Fixed, Indonesia Fixed, Ireland Fixed, Italy Fixed, Japan Fixed, Korea South Mobile, Korea_ South Fixed, Malaysia Fixed, Malaysia Mobile, Mexico Fixed, Netherlands Fixed, Norway Fixed, Pakistan Fixed, Pakistan Mobile, Poland Fixed, Portugal Fixed, Romania Fixed, Russia Fixed, Singapore Fixed, Singapore Mobile, South Africa Fixed, Spain Fixed, Sweden Fixed, Sweden Mobile, Switzerland, Fixed, USA Fixed, USA Mobile

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