Calling friends and family in the bad weather

The recent spell of bad weather has plunged Britain into sub zero temperatures lower than most of us have ever been used to! A friend driving up north yesterday commented on the phone how many cars he had seen abandoned and roads which were totally closed, completely iced over with thick solid compacted snow, which grit or salt won’t even begin to melt.

Well in some areas we are in for a slightly warmer few days with temperatures rising to 10degrees in some areas for the weekend (in the day) before the big freeze returns!

Because of the extreme cost of energy these days, gas and electricity (and more hikes on the way again just in time for Christmas despite the energy companies making huge profits) some people, understandably, may not have their heating as high as we should in such cold weather. Some of you will be regularly checking on and calling older people in the family or those who are ill or vulnerable to the cold.

The cold spell has hit Europe too, so if you have friends/family there you may want to check on them too. With our Dialacode service you can easily do this wherever you are, direct from your mobile phone. From just 3p/min for a half an hour catch up call that’s just 90p to ensure your family are safe and well.

Also as Christmas approaches you will be thinking about getting in touch with family or friends all over the world. Perhaps you don’t call them that often because you think international calls are expensive, especially from a mobile… That’s true for some companies, it’s true for some calls for example, direct from a pay as you go phone. However, by using Dialacode from contract or pay as you go, you can cut the cost of these calls. A 2 hour catch up call, just £3.60!

If any of you have any questions about our services or are just looking for some advice just email us or leave your question on this blog and we’ll get back to you quickly.

For all our existing customers Happy Christmas and thank you for using our services throughout 2010, if you ever have any feedback or ideas of what you would like to see on calls4u, just get in touch.

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