Happy Christmas to all!

Calls4u would like to wish all our users a very happy christmas! This year we have seen a tremendous growth in our Dialacode service with 1000’s of minutes of calls each month being made by users who are saving £££’s on their international calls.

This fantastic, easy to use service just does away with all the hassle of phone cards, pre credit services, top up services, etc etc… easy, convenient and best of all, you can call from anywhere, well anywhere where your phone has a signal!

Happy Christmas to all and please continue to support us, spread the word on Facebook, twitter, tell your family and friends which service you use to call abroad. Spreading the word will increase the users to the service and ensure the rates stay low.

We are also continually speaking to telecoms providers to introduce new services to the website, so look out for these in the new year.

Happy Christmas!

Author: Cheap calls

We bring you the very best ways of making international calls from landlines or mobile phones. Our new free international calls service has become very popular!
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