Stranded at the airport?

If you are stranded at Heathrow, Gatwick or another airport which has been closed because of the extreme weather conditions we feel for you. Terminal lounges are not the best of places let alone spending the night in one!

If you are hoping to fly out to spend Christmas with family or friends abroad we hope your flight leaves before Christmas so you can arrive safe and well to celebrate. You may wish to call your family and friends abroad from the airport and are either using your mobile provider directly or payphones, or if you’re lucky you may have found a phone card which works with your mobile.

Direct calls from your mobile are likely to be very expensive, causing you another headache on top of the current one, payphones may be overcrowded and also expensive, phone cards are fiddly and you have to enter the pin, dial the number blah blah, then it runs out in the middle of telling Aunt Sue where you’re at and if the snow on the runway is actually being cleared.

Our service, Dialacode is extremely easy, there are no pins, you don’t need a credit card, you just search for your access code, dial it, enter your international number and that’s it. It just gets billed to your mobile phone bill and we are the cheapest to 300 destinations. Many countries are just 3p/min, so you can pass some of that time in the airport lounge chatting, and be rest assured that it’s only costing you just £1.80 for a whole hour.

Good Luck, hope you fly off somewhere warmer soon and Merry Christmas from us.

Author: Cheap calls

We bring you the very best ways of making international calls from landlines or mobile phones. Our new free international calls service has become very popular!
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