Free or paid web hosting?

Will the company be there in a few months?

Possibly not, if you are not paying anything, it is likely there will be no contract and they can just disappear overnight and wipe their server. You’ll then have to have the hassle of setting up everything again…. with a paid host. Cheetahspace web hosting Leicester 😉

Where are the free servers?

Possibly somewhere you’ve never heard of, a long long way away, in a cheap, dark, datacentre with a sagging roof and spiders. If you’re lucky they may be in America or somewhere further afield with plenty of latency to slow down your connections.

How many people are on the servers?

Quite possibly hundreds and hundreds…. if you offered free hosting for whatever reason, what would you do? bang as many on one server as possible until it was pulling at the seams. Then when you complain your site is slow, they’ll just say… it’s free, “but you can upgrade to our paid monthly hosting at ££££’s”

Do they backup?

Not likely if they are free, so that night when they turn off the servers and move on with their lives, is the night you think, dam I should have backed up my own files, or paid an affordable fee for hosting with Cheetahspace web hosting Leicester.

Is their support quick, friendly and always knowledgable?

Well if the free host likes working for free and helping you for free, you may be lucky. However, with most, you may never see a reply to your question, because it wouldn;t be economically viable for most businesses to spend several hours a day answering support emails when they are getting nothing from you.

So get yourself over to Cheetahspace web hosting Leicester, and sign up for some paid hosting, and rest in the knowledge you will have reliable servers, fantastic support and your site will still be there next month.

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