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Using Dialacode abroad

We get many enquiries from users asking if they can use Dialacode abroad when they go on holiday. This is not possible as Dialacode only works when connected to Three UK (PAYG or Contract), T-Mobile UK (PAYG or contract) or Orange UK (PAYG). When you go abroad, even with a Three, Orange or T-Mobile Phone you are roaming on another network, in another country. …

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Our iphones are going back

STANDARD ORANGE NETWORK OUT IN COUNTRYSIDE NOKIA N96 FULL SIGNAL IPHONE 4 Without a case and before software upgrade the signal is full but drops the whole 5 bars when holding it. Our MD bought a clear case until apple send out the free ones in 5 weeks, still drops 3-4 bars. After the software upgrade it did nothing, so he totally restored the phone. He …

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