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Our iphones are going back

STANDARD ORANGE NETWORK OUT IN COUNTRYSIDE NOKIA N96 FULL SIGNAL IPHONE 4 Without a case and before software upgrade the signal is full but drops the whole 5 bars when holding it. Our MD bought a clear case until apple send out the free ones in 5 weeks, still drops 3-4 bars. After the software upgrade it did nothing, so he totally restored the phone. He …

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iPhone 4 signal and reception problems

Thursday saw the launch of the brand new iphone, we were going to upgrade our Nokia's. However, all over the internet we began to see iphone 4 users complaining of reception and signal issues. Apparently when users held the phone in the 'wrong' way, hence covering the bottom left where the 2 antennas meet, they lost the network signal or dropped the calls. The …

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