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iPhone 4 signal and reception problems

Thursday saw the launch of the brand new iphone, we were going to upgrade our Nokia's. However, all over the internet we began to see iphone 4 users complaining of reception and signal issues. Apparently when users held the phone in the 'wrong' way, hence covering the bottom left where the 2 antennas meet, they lost the network signal or dropped the calls. The …

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Eagerly awaiting the iphone 4

At Calls4u we are eagerly awaiting the launch of iphone 4. Today has seen hundreds or even 1000s of websites watching Orange, T-Mobile, Three, and Vodafone for tariff information to appear on their websites. o2 are the only network so far to release the information, along with an upgrade offer for existing iphone customers. Yesterday there was a leak of Vodafone prices when a …

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