WordPress 3, suhosin & admin 500 errors

General Information from our web developer to help others who may find this on the internet

1. We have several sites using WordPress
2. Last night we turned on mod_deflate which compresses files by around 70%, recommended by Google
3. Rebuilt apache…. then couldn’t log into any WordPress admin areas.
4. After alot of pain, the last resort was to turn OFF mod_deflate
5. STILL errors.

The server was exactly as compiled before the errors so we emailed our dedicated server support guys at the datacentre in Milton Keynes. They rebuilt apache and all was fine.

We found out what caused the error.

– They compiled apache without suhosin php hardening

– To trace the error we recompiled it again WITH suhosin and the error returned, this proved it was not mod_deflate which caused the error. It was WordPress 3 and suhosin

csf firewall says
Check php for ini_set disabled <<< was not done
Check php for Suhosin

WordPress version 3 has an ini_set in admin.php which tries to change the php memory allocation, and suhosin doesn’t allow this = which meant we got a server error on login

I went to Service Configuration >> PHP Configuration Editor >> advanced mode >> Safe Mode disable_functions

and added ini_set

The server error disappears…

You can also achieve the same thing if you do not have access to the server admin, by creating a file in your wordpress folder called php.ini and adding disable_functions = “ini_set” as the only text in the file )use a text editor like you would for htaccess).

By recompiling the server without suhosin our datacentre guys highlighted where the problem was.

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  1. abdul says:

    Great solution! ..thx

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